American Picturebooks from Noah's Ark to the Beast Within


American Picturebooks from Noah's Ark to the Beast Within
Barbara Bader
Macmillan, 1976
ISBN 9780027080803


A historical study of American picture books (spelled as one word by author). Explores the nature of the picturebook as an art form, as well as the development of the format as entertainment and mode of instruction. Covers the contributions of prominent authors and illustrators, such as Ruth Krauss, Margaret Wise Brown, Crockett Johnson, Maurice Sendak, and Roger Duvoisin, to the development of the format. Looks at social trends, market conditions, and the impact of changes in printing technology.


Starting Points -- E. Boyd Smith -- The Erratic, Eclectic Twenties -- Wanda Gag -- Foreign Backgrounds -- The Dynamics and Fun of the Form -- The Small Child's World -- Helen Sewell -- Information -- Photographic Books -- Imported from France -- Roger Duvoisin -- The American Line -- Of the American Indian -- Two Masters: Marie Hall Ets and William Pene du Bois -- Sui Generis: Seven Simeons and Buttons -- The Storytellers -- Designed for Children -- The Emotional Element -- Jean Charlot -- Golden Books -- Dr. Seuss -- Marcia Brown -- Expanding Possibilities: Easter, for Instance -- New Looks -- Social Change -- Negro Identification, Black Identity -- More Information -- Ruth Krauss; Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak -- Crockett Johnson -- The Japanese Advent and Blair Lent -- Feelings Extended -- Maurice Sendak -- Away from Words -- The Fabulists