Tall Tales

Tall tales are stories intended to dupe the listener, and are particularly associated with the United States frontier, although other cultures have stories that fit the format. Tall tales rely on a delicate balance between sober narration and comic exaggerations. American tall tales possess the very essence of the American spirit, complete with outrageous feats and daring heroes. Stories of famous tall tale heroes, such as Paul Bunyan and Mike Fink, were originally passed along through the oral tradition of storytelling.

Dust Devil
(Random House, 2010)
Written by Anne Isaacs
Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky
Miss Sally Ann and the Panther
(Holiday House, 2012)
Written by Bobbi Miller
Illustrated by Megan Lloyd
Jackrabbit McCabe and the Electric Telegraph
(Random House, 2015)
Written by Lucy Margaret Rozier
Illustrated by Leo Espinosa